Premium Food-Grade Soybeans

From the world’s richest soil

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Your Source for Premium Quality Soybeans

from the protein-rich Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan region.

Established in 2003, IOM Grain is a food-grade facility specializing in cleaning and packaging high-quality food-grade soybeans for domestic and international food manufacturers. With our state-of-the-art facility built in 2014, we are able to process 35,000 pounds of soybeans per hour.

Our focus on quality has made IOM Grain a trusted name in the food-grade industry. We produce a superior food-grade product with a dedicated, entrepreneurial staff using the latest technology to screen, size and sort grain with the highest precision and ensure the utmost quality. Our management practices allow us to guarantee an Identity Preserved product, with complete traceability back to the field.

Our Knowlegeable People

At the heart of IOM Grain are our people, a team dedicated to providing outstanding value to customers. They are an experienced team with a mission to consistently produce and ship high-quality food-grade soybeans.

Our Proven Process

IOM uses the most advanced testing and processing technology to assure the customer the safest, cleanest and most pure food-grade soybeans available today. Along with employing the best of people and equipment, IOM has used more than 20 years’ worth of third-party food safety audits for continuous education and practice improvements. At IOM, today’s quality is never good enough. Quality must always be improving.

With years of experience in producing the cleanest, high-quality food-grade soybeans, IOM has refined its state-of-the-art cleaning and separating process, which includes the use of robotics and the latest in high-resolution color sorting. Our expert staff continually monitors the process, adjusting for changing conditions by the minute.

After processing, our high-quality grain is packaged per the customer’s preference in customer-printed or generic bags, totes or bulk containers and shipped by truck or rail domestically and containerized for international shipments.

Our Superior Product

IOM Grain currently offers many specific soybean varieties with superior traits for soy-based food products recognized by food manufacturers worldwide. We source GMO and non-GMO soybeans from the high-protein-producing regions of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Additionally, our farmers must follow IOM-specific standards with their seed, growing and storage practices to achieve and maintain IOM quality.

Because Quality Matters