IOM Grain is involved with the product from planting to delivery. We work with our growers year round to instill best management practices and identity preservation.

Throughout the season we visit our growers’ fields to review the crop’s progress. Shortly after harvest our staff visits the growers’ storage facility and collects a sample from every bin. We will then test these samples in our certified grain lab to determine the quality of the grain before it is delivered to our plant.

At delivery, we will sample and test each truck prior to accepting the grain. This ensures that all grain received will meet customer specifications. After acceptance, the grain is then processed, packaged, and shipped according to our customer’s needs.

IOM Grain offers an in-house certified grain lab. The Grain Quality Assurance Lab (GQAL) is advantageous for us, as well as our customers. GQAL assures the quality of grain before, during, and after the grain has been processed and packaged. Our lab has the capabilities to test for grain characteristics, GMO events, and Mycotoxins.