Premium Quality
at Every Level

Premium. Precision. Consistency.

“They are known for their quality, and we feel like we get that from them.”

Charlie Enyeart, IOM Grower
Premium People Make the Difference.

Soybean processing equipment is generally the same throughout the industry. The difference is in the people operating it. The professional team at IOM Grain has an entrepreneurial spirit that drives their deep commitment to producing high-quality, food-grade soybeans with consistent precision.

Our team members are cross-trained, so they’re ready to take on any task at peak times and provide the greatest service to our growers and customers. In addition to their production duties, each member handles administrative duties as well. And we stay until the job is done right, because our reputation for superior quality is on the line every minute of every day.

Superior Quality from the Field

IOM Grain is involved in every step of the production from seed, to planting, to soybean delivery. We work with our growers year round to instill the best management practices and identity preservation for optimum traceability back to the grower’s fields.

Throughout the season, we visit our growers’ fields to review crop progress. Shortly after harvest, our staff will visit the growers’ storage facilities and collect samples from every bin. We then test these samples in our certified grain lab to determine the quality of the grain before it is delivered to our plant.

“They run a tight ship… They are very professional.”

Rob Ternet, IOM Grower
Superior Quality Starts with Grower Deliveries

When growers deliver their grain to IOM Grain, we sample and test each truck prior to accepting it to ensure the highest levels of quality and the greatest value for our customers. We do a manual probe test on every load because cameras can’t see as much as humans or smell the quality of the load. This ensures all grain received meets customer specifications.

IOM Grain offers an in-house certified grain lab. The Grain Quality Assurance Lab (GQAL) verifies quality before, during and after the grain is processed and packaged. The lab constantly tests for desirable grain characteristics and any potential contamination in the food-grade products. GQAL makes certain every bushel shipped is of the highest quality.

Superior Quality in Processing

IOM Grain maintains a clean, modern grain processing facility. Not only do we use the latest equipment, our team has the ingenuity and drive to modify it and create proprietary machines that do the job even better, increasing purity and efficiency in both production and shipping.

We use paddle conveyors, which are gentler on the soybeans. Our cutting-edge color sorter features a camera resolution 10 times higher than previous models that can more accurately determine shape, size and splits. We consulted in the design of our roller belt machine to run double the amount of soybeans more precisely than a leading manufacturer’s machines. Proving our unmatched commitment to quality, IOM utilizes incredibly strong Rare Earth flow magnets in machinery, including at all packaging and bulk-loading points to remove metallic dust.

Superior Quality in Packaging

After processing, our high-quality grain is packaged per the customer’s preference in customer printed or generic bags, totes or bulk containers and shipped by truck or rail domestically and containerized for international shipments.

“The quality is what keeps us.”

Charlie Enyeart, IOM Grower