Higher Premiums for
Premium Growers

Only IOM Grain

“Their premiums are better than
anywhere else.”

Mike Shuter, IOM Grower

A Premium Experience

IOM Grain is proud to work with the best farmers in the eastern corn belt who meet our high standards for growing superior soybeans. Our team is dedicated to building personal, lasting relationships with our farmers, working closely with them and providing expert advice when they encounter challenges. Together with our farmers, we grow and provide the highest quality, GMO and non-GMO, food-grade soybeans, delivering the greatest value to our customers.

“IOM’s program is just good and easy to follow.”

Charlie Enyeart, IOM Grower

Higher Premiums Contracting with IOM Grain

  • All premiums over CBOT
  • Our delivery period for contracted grain is October 1 through September 15
  • All contracts are Buyer’s Call contracts
  • Multiple types of pricing options are available
  • Delivery point is Portland, IN
  • Fall delivery options are available

Erik Loucks: 260-726-6224
Toll Free: 877-283-8882

“They are easy to work with and make sure we understand what we need.”

Joe Hamilton, IOM Grower

Premium Contracts for Many Different Varieties of Food-grade Soybeans

Varieties we contract include:

Clear Hilum
Buff Hilum
Dark Hilum

“I would travel the furthest for IOM; they are worth the drive.”

Greg Miller, IOM Grower

Premium location for Indiana, Ohio and Michigan

IOM Grain
974 E 100 N
Portland, IN 47371